Code9 Parent Course Example (Snapmap)

An example of the course material delivered by Code9 Parent, with the focus on a single feature of Snapchat called Snapmap.

This video demonstrates the style and type of content from Code9 Parent.

In this example we have focused on a single feature of Snapchat, the Snapmap functionality.

Each course in Code9 Parent provides an overview of the app, which particular emphasis on why your children find the app so appealing. We then step you through all of the key features of the app, so you can understand how it works and easily teach yourself if you want.

Each course has a section on the Privacy and Permissions setting of the app and any "hidden" features and the in the final video Jane wraps up with the key things you need to be focused on to keep your children safe using each app or game.

The apps are also continually being updated, so as these updates are released we will be analysing the changes and keeping you updated on them and how this may impact your children whilst using the app.

The All Course Bundle will contain all of the courses and will be continually updated. So this is the best value option to keep across all of the updates and new courses we will be providing.

Code9 Parent Courses Example Video (the Snapmap feature of Snapchat)

Course Creator

Jane Webster
Jane Webster

As an experienced social media specialist, I’ve worked with many organisations and businesses to help them gain a greater understanding on social media to grow their business, raise brand awareness and engage with their clients.

However, in the last year I’ve started to notice just how many clients were now asking questions about other platforms that aren’t typically business apps, like Snapchat and Specifically around how their children are using these apps and what should they as a parent be doing about it. They’re eager to learn what risks or dangers they should look out for, should they even let their kids use these platforms, and frequently the conversation ended up with the age-old cry of frustration around ‘how on earth do I even use this app?!’

I get it, I’m no stranger to managing technology and kids, I have two children, a teenager and a tweenager.

I wanted a place that parents could go to be informed and armed with the tools required to support their children online, hence Code9 Parent was developed, as a resource for parents to gain the knowledge and insights to actively support their children on Social Media.

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